Ethiopia West Arsi Werka Nensebo Natural

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  • Country: Ethiopia

    Region: Werka, Refisa Kebele, Nensebo District, West Arsi, Oromia

    Washing Station: Nensebo (Testi Washing Station)

    Farmer/Grower: 850 smallholder farmers

    Varieties: Selective local varieties

    Processing: Natural

    Altitude: 1950-2100 m.a.s.l.

    Humidity: 10%

    Density: 1.15 g/ml

    Harvest Date: January, 2022

    Arrival Date: August, 2022

    Grade: 1

    Marks: 010-0276-0072

    SCA Cupping Score: 86.13

  • Fragrance of cherry pie that transforms into aromas of dark chocolate, papaya, blueberry and fresh yogurt. Flavors of mango, cherry, strawberry, kiwi and pomegranate. Lingering aftertaste of orange blossom and milk chocolate. Slightly tart citric acidity with orange and grapefruit noted, and a medium-heavy body with a syrupy mouthfeel.
  • Versatile from light to medium-dark. At light roasts the berry and yogurt notes shine. Medium-dark roasts will bring out the syrupy mouthfeel and mute the tart acidity while maintaining fruit notes.

After cherries are floated in water as a quality check to remove “floaters”, they are spread over raised beds to dry. The coffee is constantly rotated on the beds to ensure even drying, and any underripe cherries are picked out during the drying process. Drying time for this coffee is approximately 15-18 days depending on the weather. 

We are blown away by the cup profile of this coffee! The perfect growing conditions, and attention to detail from the organic cultivation and picking to the processing, all come together to produce a beautifully unique cup.

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