Guatemala Acatenango Max Pérez Finca La Hermosa

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  • Country: Guatemala

    Region: Los Planes, Acatenango, Chimaltenango

    Farm: La Hermosa

    Farmer/Grower: Max Fernando Pérez Rios

    Varieties: Typica & Catuai

    Processing: Washed

    Altitude: 1800-2200 m.a.s.l.

    Humidity: 10.9%

    Density: 1.20 g/ml

    Harvest Date: February, 2022

    Arrival Date: August, 2022

    Grade: SHB, UTZ, RFA, CAFE Practices, USDA Organic (at origin)

    Marks: 011-0890-0089

    SCA Cupping Score: 84.13

  • Lots of chocolate, caramel, great sweetness, almond, mild citrus acidity, heavy body, fudgey mouthfeel.
  • Don Max’s coffee roasts up really evenly and is comparable to most washed coffees from Acatenango. The coffee is very versatile and can be used at a range of roast profiles! We recommend roasting at the dark-side of a light roast or light-side of a medium roast. A solid medium roast shows off the chocolate and sweetness that we love most about the coffee without losing too much of the fruit undertones. That fruit will be muted at darker roasts and the coffee will be very chocolate-forward. Overall a versatile option for drip coffees, espresso, blends and more!

After acquiring the land in 2010, the project started to take shape. The team was formed and the family experience added to an innovative vision facilitated the decision on what varieties and cultivars would be planted, the type of shade trees to be used and other technical needs that had to be met. From the selection of the seeds to the planting, every detail was carefully supervised in order to guarantee the success of the project. A coffee plantation is a long-term investment, so certainty and care in every step are crucial.

Customer Reviews

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Michael Herbert
Outstanding Classic - Drink it daily

Love this coffee. Bought it multiple times.

Thanks, Michael! Appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback. Glad Max's coffee is ticking the box as a daily drinker.

John Uriarte

This coffee has lots of chocolate. Chocolate bomb. So if chocolate is what you want, this is it. So five stars if you only want a coffee that tastes like your drinking a chocolate brownie, 6 stars and 4 stars if you want more notes out of a coffee. Easy to roast and my light roast was tasty too.
Based on this graph on roast world