Roasting Longberry Beans

  • So are there any tips to roasting a Longberry variety bean? Espescially a Indonesia Sumatra? Like what should end temp be around? And should you let it just start 2nd crack? FC+ roasts?

  • Hi John,

    Longberry is definitely a unique variety! The distinctively shaped beans are long and slender which will spead up heat transfer to the interior of the bean, however the narrow pointed tips may see "tipping" or scorching with aggressive heat. The longberry coffee we have carried have been farily large sized beans which will reduce surface area per pound and so slow down roasting. An odd combo! 

    The longberry variety comes from Ethiopia and is commonly thought to be one of the oldest natural Typica mutations that still grows today. Longberry coffees from Indonesia particularly may behave a variety of ways when roasting depending on density and moisture content, among other variables. Often times we see higher moisture levels in Sumatran coffee so more initial energy may be required to vaporize the water inside the bean compared to a longberry coffee from Ethiopia that has lower moisture. 

    Start off with a low and slow profile and speed it up to your liking while avoiding any scorching/tipping. There is no one-size-fits-all answer here as each coffee is different. Use all the information provided (visual bean size, density, moisture content, etc) to determine your approach. 

    The final roast level depends entirely on the specific coffee in question and your preference! We provide our preference for each coffee we offer, but we always encourage experimentation. The most important thing is that you enjoy roasting and drinking each coffee.  

    Let us know how it goes and please share any additional experience you may have roasting longberry coffees! 

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