Dulcis Micro Roast x Hacea Roaster Spotlight

"BOMBA DE MIRTILO" Ethiopia Guji Gigesa Natural

from Dulcis Micro Roast

    • 12oz/340g


      Whole Bean

    • Blueberry, Cherry, Milk Chocolate, and Tropical Fruit.

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Hacea brings the hard work of the producers and roasters to the front. We started this monthly spotlight to bring attention to some incredible work by our roasting partners.
Learn more about Dulcis Micro Roast from Ian:

"I call it a “healthy” level of OCD! It started with a love for the smell and taste of coffee. Our intervention into the process began with doing the best we could to control the brewing process. When those efforts were exhausted, we focused on better controlling the grinding process. Ultimately we came to the realization that the single biggest processing impact we could have on the finished cup was in the roasting process. "

"Our excitement lies almost entirely in the connection that we gain with our customers. Premium coffee lovers generally bring a similar worldview with regards to their values surrounding the product. When we roast to order (as opposed to production roasting), we hope that it communicates to our customers two important things – 1) that their product will be UNMATCHED in freshness and quality, and 2) that we value their specific needs above all else in our relationship."

"We want folks to know that we regard our “lab work” as rewarding and fun. We consider it to be critical to our versatility as a roaster and keeps us on the path of being known as a “learning organization”. This value results in the continual improvement of our coffees"


Many thanks to Ian from Dulcis Micro Roast for the opportunity to be part of their wonderful coffee journey!

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