Reborn Coffee x Hacea Roaster Spotlight

Ethiopia Sidama Bensa

from Reborn Coffee

    • 12oz/340g


      Whole Bean

    • Melon, orange, floral, sugarcane.  

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Hacea brings the hard work of the producers and roasters to the front. We started this monthly spotlight to bring attention to some incredible work by our roasting partners.
Learn more about Reborn Coffee from David:

"I started as a Barista for the company in 2018, as time went by I developed a passion for coffee and wanted to learn more about it. I bought a popcorn popper and a few green beans my friend had given me and started roasting at home, that opened my eyes to a whole new side of coffee I've never seen before. In 2021 I got the opportunity to work at the company's roastery. Since my time here, I’ve learned the fundamentals of roasting and everything that goes into producing high quality coffee for our customers. "

"The most exciting part has to be tasting the fruit of your labor. After constant trial and error, batch after batch, cup after cup….nothing beats the feeling of cupping the final product and knowing that our customers our going to be enjoying that same cup in our cafes or in the comfort of their own home."

"Every part of roasting has been a challenge, but a fun one. I feel like every time I roast I learn something new, especially after production cupping."

"We want people to know that Reborn is more than just a coffee company! We want to change peoples lives and provide the best quality coffee to our customers. To us, every part of the process is as equally important as the next…from the farm to the cup!"

Many thanks to David from Reborn Coffee for the opportunity to be part of their wonderful coffee journey!

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