Arcade Coffee Roasters x Hacea Roaster Spotlight

Kiawamururu - Kenya

from Arcade Coffee Roasters

    • 12oz/340g


      Whole Bean

    • Lychee, Prune, Starfruit

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Hacea brings the hard work of the producers and roasters to the front. We started this monthly spotlight to bring attention to some incredible work by our roasting partners.
Learn more about Arcade Coffee Roasters from Shane:

"We started roasting in 2013, out of a garage! OG days. "

"Coffee has always interested me! I think I sensed there was some type of creativity to it. Now I get stoked on both the creativity and the numbers behind it all haha!"

"I think the past 1-2 years have been the most challenging, with everything going on with the supply chain. But with all challenges, you get to learn a lot about your processes and the way you normally do things."

"I think it's being able to try some awesome coffees and share that experience with people. All of us at Arcade get really excited about coffee!"

"We are launching a dinner program November 5th at our Downtown location and have some plans to do some really fun things with coffee. We have tasted some wild coffees recently and we have IDEAS! Stay tuned."

Many thanks to Shane from Arcade Coffee Roasters for the opportunity to be part of their wonderful coffee journey!

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