True Love Coffee Co. x Hacea Roaster Spotlight



Guatemala Antigua Jauja Rosario Washed

from True Love Coffee Co.

    • 12oz/340g


      Whole Bean

    •  Caramel, dark chocolate and cream. 

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Hacea brings the hard work of the producers and roasters to the front. We started this monthly spotlight to bring attention to some incredible work by our roasting partners.
Learn more about True Love Coffee Co. from Lee:

True Love Coffee Co. was established in December 2021. 

Hacea: What led you to coffee roasting?

Lee: Curiosity. At the tail end of high school I got my first coffee related job at Hidden House Coffee in 2012. I still remember trying a natural processed Ethiopia for the first time and being so confused as to why it tasted like blueberries. Since then I’ve been persistent about continuing education and really enjoying building relationships with coffee peers.

Hacea: What’s been the biggest challenge in your roasting journey?

Lee: Insecurity honestly. It is super easy for me to get imposter’s syndrome. I am by no means a natural born sales person so getting out of my comfort zone and approaching potential wholesale clients with coffee is always a challenge but it is also very rewarding when baristas you look up to give honest feedback positive or negative.

Hacea: What is your favorite coffee origin?

Lee: A coffee I still regularly think about to this day is a pink bourbon from a producer named Edgar Motta from Hulia Colombia. Sweet Bloom was offering it in I believe 2017 and it was the most sweet and clean coffee I have had at this point.


Hacea: What has been the most exciting part of your roasting journey?

Lee: The endless opportunities coffee gives. There is always a new coffee to try, friend to be made, and peer to support.

Hacea: What do you want people to know about what you’re doing?

Lee: I'm just having a good time. 

Many thanks to Lee from True Love Coffee Co. for the opportunity to be part of their wonderful coffee journey!

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