Costa Rica Hacienda Sonora Geisha Natural

  • Country: Costa Rica

    Region: Alajuela, Central Valley

    Farm: Hacienda Sonora

    Farmer/Grower: Alberto and Diego Guardia

    Variety: Geisha

    Processing: Natural

    Altitude: 1300 m.a.s.l.

    Humidity: 10.8 %

    Density: 1.20 g/ml

    Harvest Date: February, 2021

    Arrival Date: November, 2021

    Grade: SHG

    Marks: 0005/0025/0304 - P10662-8

    SCA Cupping Score: 87.5

  • Floral fragrance, aroma of fresh cocoa, notes of chamomile, white sugar, pear, green apple, soft and delicate profile, silky mouthfeel and medium bodied, delicate and complex
  • The best attributes of many gesha coffees is really in the delicate floral notes. These shine best in the range of light roasts. For reference, we seem to really enjoy this coffee roasted to about 404° F.

    Roasting gesha coffee may seem intimidating at first, but the coffee is actually quite easy to roast up! This coffee roasts very similar to the other natural processed Costa Rican coffees we are offering. To preserve the delicate notes, keep heat/energy settings lower and end temperatures light. Don’t roast too long to avoid baking the coffee.

    Still unsure how to roast this coffee? Let us know and we would be happy to provide more specific tips depending on your roasting equipment!

About the coffee:

Only a few pounds are available!

Geisha is a very low yielding variety with extremely high potential for quality. Diego and Alberto’s natural processed geisha is an excellent example of the delicate flavors of stone fruit, florals and silky mouthfeel that is so desirable in this variety.

At Hacienda Sonora, hand-picked cherries are first dunked in water for floater separation, before the beans are dried inside the fruit (rather than after the fruit has been removed, as is the case with wet-processed or “washed” coffees). The cherries are dried on a black tarp on top of grass for 12 days using different layers depending on the drying stage (always covered at night). These controls keep temperatures low which preserves cup quality and shelf life of the coffee. After 12 days, the coffee is moved to the warehouse to rest for 3 days (at 14% humidity) before getting a final dry in a mechanical dryer (which allows better uniformity) at temperatures that never exceed 35C. Once the coffee reaches a humidity of 10.5%, it rests for 2 Months before being hauled out of the dry husk and then going through weight, screen, density and color sorting.

Hacienda Sonora Estate has been in Alberto’s family for more than a Century. In the 1970’s when Alberto took over the farm he began planting the majority of the land with coffee and shortly after it became the main source of income. In 1999 with historical low coffee prices Alberto invested in a Mill in order to be able to maximize his quality, in order to do so he became a pioneer in very alternative processing techniques at the time such as Honey and Naturals. Don Alberto also became living proof of how unique varieties could create different levels of complexity in the cup. Nowadays, Hacienda Sonora has more than 20 different varieties of plants in 80 hectares of coffee (+ 20 hectares of forest reserve) and is known to be a welcoming place for coffee lovers.

All of the energy consumed by the farm is 100% renewable energy harvested on the farm. This energy supplies power to the coffee mill and provides a portion of free electricity for some of the people who live and work at the farm. The green energy is harvested from a natural water stream with a special turbine, known as a Pelton Wheel.

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