Costa Rica Tarrazu Comunidad Santa Cruz

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  • Country: Costa Rica

    Region: Santa Cruz, Tarrazu

    Farms: 20 small farms surrounding Santa Cruz

    Wet Mill: Beneficio Palmichal

    Varieties: Caturra and Catuai

    Processing: Washed

    Altitude: 1600-1700 m.a.s.l.

    Humidity: 11.9%

    Density: 1.20 g/ml

    Harvest Date: February, 2021

    Arrival Date: September, 2021

    Grade: SHG

    Marks: 0005-0025-0251 - P10662-6

    SCA Cupping Score: 84.5

  • Nutty fragrance, sweet aroma, molasses dark chocolate, almonds, mild citrus acidity, medium bodied. Well balanced and sweet!
  • Medium to dark is best for this coffee. On the lighter side of a medium roast we get a really nice sugary sweetness. Darker roasts will accentuate the molasses and nice body while muting the mild citrus flavor.

All cherries received at the mill are sent into water for floater separation before being pulped and washed mechanically to consume significantly less water during the process. A Centriflux machine is used to spin the washed coffee to remove surface water on the parchment before the coffee is dried in large drum dryers that do not exceed 37.5ºC (just under 100ºF). Once the coffee is dried to 11% humidity it will rest for 2 Months before being hulled out of the parchment and sorted by weight, screen size, density and color.