Guatemala Antigua Jauja Rosario Washed

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  • Country: Guatemala

    Region: San Cristobal el Bajo aldea, Antigua Municipality

    Farm: Jauja

    Farmer/Grower: Stuardo Coto

    Varieties: Bourbon

    Processing: Washed

    Altitude: 1550-1580 m.a.s.l.

    Humidity: 11.5%

    Density: 1.20 g/ml

    Harvest Date: February, 2022

    Arrival Date: August, 2022

    Grade: SHB

    Marks: 011-11950-0010

    SCA Cupping Score: 86.25

  • Dark chocolate and floral notes on fragrance and aroma, flavors of caramel, dark chocolate, green apple with an aftertaste of black tea, lavender, and cream with a mild to bright malic and citric acidity and a milky mouthfeel with a medium body. Overall, delicious!
  • Don Max’s coffee roasts up really evenly and is comparable to most washed coffees from Acatenango. The coffee is very versatile and can be used at a range of roast profiles! We recommend roasting at the dark-side of a light roast or light-side of a medium roast. A solid medium roast shows off the chocolate and sweetness that we love most about the coffee without losing too much of the fruit undertones. That fruit will be muted at darker roasts and the coffee will be very chocolate-forward. Overall a versatile option for drip coffees, espresso, blends and more!

Old bourbon cultivars are grown under partial shade from grevillea and avocado trees. The rich volcanic soil, warm days and cool nights and high winds give Antigua a unique microclimate that has been highly sought after for many years. 

Customer Reviews

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Jeff Harrel
My favorite so far!

The Guatemala Antigua Jauja Rosario features notes of chocolate and caramel (expected from Guatemala) but also hints on green apple. That's new for me. I'm new to roasting and I was so excited to be able to taste all of the tasting notes after my first batch.

Hey Jeff, glad our palates are calibrated! That green apple note adds a really nice crisp finish to this complex coffee. Happy to know you are enjoying roasting.

Lil Baggins Coffee Roasters
Great full flavor and body

I roasted this bean as a light-medium which allowed the green apple finish to shine through while also highlighting the caramel and dark chocolate notes. Very flavorful with a clean finish, and full flavor stays for weeks off roast.

Awesome! Thanks for leaving your feedback. We have been loving this coffee right there at that light-medium roast range.

John Uriarte
Green apple

I have heard of notes of green apple before but never could really identify it. I could with this bean and this roast. Very crisp and delicious Guatemala coffee.
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