Hacea cupping kit

  • Cupping Spoon

    Being the primary tool of a coffee taster, we wanted something practical and effective, and these cupping spoons did not disappoint. They feel great in the hand with their solid yet lightweight stainless steel construction. Easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

    • The same spoons we use in our tasting room. 
    • Custom etched with the Hacea logo mark in the bowl and "hacea" text on the handle. 
    • A smaller yet deep bowl that enables a perfect slurp to get a full pallet experience. 
    • Lightweight ~38 grams 
  • Material:  Food grade stainless steel 

    Product Dimensions:  Total length: 165 mm, bowl width: 49 mm, handle length: 115 mm

    Dishwasher Safe

  • Cupping Mat

    These are the same cupping mats we use in our tasting classes so the numbered cup placements serve for easy reference. 

    When you are finished cupping, simply wipe these down with a warm, damp cloth and allow to fully dry before storing. 

  • Material:  White styrene plastic, scratch resistant, digitally printed

    Product Dimensions: 17" X 11" .03" thick 

    Washing Instructions: Hand wash with warm water

  • Cupping Bowls

    We offer these in sets of 6 (5 cups per sample is standard along with 1 bowl for rinsing).

    These porcelain bowls can take daily use, thermal shock and a lifetime of dishwasher cycles (trust us, we have put them through a lot). 

    The durable porcelain undergoes a high-temperature bisque firing, allowing it to fully absorb the glaze for a clean, glossy look. This firing process also ensures that each bowl is impervious to water and resistant to scratches over time. These are the same bowls that we use in our coffee classes. 

    The 7 ounce cupping bowls meet all the requirements from the Specialty Coffee Association with a top diameter of 3.75 inches. Per SCA specifications, we cup with 11 grams of roasted coffee in each cup. 

  • Capacity: 7 oz

    Material: Porcelain 

    Product Dimensions: Bottom Diameter 2"

    Dishwasher Safe

Discover our complete cupping recipe here.

To learn more about the Specialty Coffee Association’s standards, check out their protocols and best practices page here.

Visit our education page if you would like to learn more about cupping!

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