Indonesia Sumatra Wahana Rasuna Natural

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  • Country: Indonesia

    Region: Sidikalang, North Sumatra

    Farm: Whana Estate

    Variety: Rasuna

    Processing: Natural

    Altitude: 1300-1500 m.a.s.l.

    Marks: 015-0826-0350A

    Humidity: 12.5%

    Density: 1.15 g/ml

    Harvest Date: December, 2020

    Arrival Date: April, 2021

    Grade: Grade 1

    SCA Cupping Score: 85.5

  • Fragrance of fresh cedar, cherry aroma, flavors of dried fruit, tropical fruits, milk chocolate, cherry syrup, molasses, pineapple acidity, heavy body and a syrupy mouthfeel.
  • We feel that a gentle approach with heat serves this coffee best. The typical high moisture content from the Sumatran coffee will require some more energy to get the roast going, but watch out for the natural process to take off fast in the middle to late stages of the roast. The coffee is very versatile and we have enjoyed it from light to medium to dark roast levels!

This coffee consists of many smallholder farms that surround the estate and town. Wahana Estate has developed a program to distribute the Typica and Bourbon seeds that were grown, harvested and delivered to build this exceptional blend from the growers in the area. The program buys back the collected cherries from the mature plants and processes the coffee on site at Wahana Estate. Fresh cherries are picked up daily and delivered to Wahana Estate where they are washed, pulped and fermented with mucilage on the parchment coffee in a fermentation tank. After fermentation, the coffee is washed and the parchment is dried to approximately 30% moisture content. At this time, the parchment is removed in a process known as Giling Basah, or “wet hulled”, and the green coffee is dried to the final moisture content of 12%. The dried coffee is then sorted by hand and machine sorted by density and color for final sortation before bagging and exporting. Wahana Estate consists of 500 ha of land in the town of Sidikalang in Northern Indonesia just West of Lake Toba. 

Customer Reviews

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Daniel Fortier
Sumatra Wahana Rasuna Natural

So far I am very impressed with the general quality of the greens from Hacea. I've only roasted one batch of this Sumatran so far. It was super clean, and roasted evenly. In the cup, it just seems to be missing something up front. Not flat exactly, just nothing pronounced. Would probably be better as a member of a good blend.

Thanks for sharing your feedback, Daniel!

Paul C
Indonesia Sumatra Wahana Rasuna Natural

Did a medium light roast for filter.
A really excellent quality Indonesia coffee (best one I've ever had so far, and I've tried lots). Cedar aroma. Bright, lemon/ pineapple acidity even at day 4 after roasting. Medium body. Green apple finish.