Mexico Chiapas Bellavista Washed

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  • Country: Mexico

    Region: Bellavista Municipality, Chiapas

    Farm: Various smallholders

    Varieties: Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai

    Processing: Washed

    Altitude: 1600-1850 m.a.s.l.

    Humidity: 11.6%

    Density: 1.15 g/ml

    Harvest Date: February, 2021

    Arrival Date: September, 2021

    Grade: HG EP

    Marks: 016-2028-0969-Bellavista

    SCA Cupping Score: 83.25

  • Chocolate malt fragrance, sweet aroma, notes of fudge, marshmallow, dark chocolate, heavy body, low acidity.
  • Great for espresso, blends and dark roasts. This coffee has a huge amount of chocolate notes like a double chocolate cookie. We recommend roasting medium to dark to highlight these notes. Light roasts will be lacking sweetness.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Rebecca Auld
Bold and smooth

Roasted medium. This coffee was bold and robust yet very smooth. Low acidity. Very pleasant dark chocolate flavor.

John Uriarte
Great Coffee and Even Better Espresso

Great crowd pleaser coffee. Fantastic espresso! This coffee is perfect for a shop. Makes a great drip that can be drank black or with additives. The espresso is where it's at though. It is sweet and creamy. It has a great texture and a finish of marshmallow and chocolate that lingers for days on the tongue. For this roast, end temp was 416F with 21% development.