Nicaragua Finca La Flor Cáscara - Coffee Husk Tea

  • Country: Nicaragua

    Region: Peñas Blancas, Matagalpa

    Farm: Finca la Flor

    Farmer/Grower: Haroldo Atlamirano

    Varieties: Catimor

    Processing: Natural (before separating and drying husks)

    Altitude: 1200 m.a.s.l.

    Harvest Date: January, 2021

    Arrival Date: August, 2021

    Marks: 017-0411-0164

  • Very sweet with notes of raisin, black tea, lemon, and a tart raspberry acidity in stronger brews.
  • Cáscara is not to be roasted! The husks are ready to be brewed and require no further preparation. Do not put this in a roasting machine or it may cause fire.

Brewing Instructions

Hot Recipe

20 grams dried coffee husk

300 milliliters filtered water at 90°C (200°F)

Steep for 6:00 minutes

Filter and enjoy!

Adjust to taste.

Cold Brew Recipe

130 grams dried coffee husk

1 liter filtered water (at room temperature)

Steep for 24 hours in the refrigerator

Filter and enjoy!

Adjust to taste.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Lee Lizotte
Good stuff

Good stuff

Dan Gorman
Delicious Cascara

We loved the flavors of this cascara as an iced tea. A friend who is a mixologist was so impressed he developed a new cocktail with cascara as a base.

Awesome! We have had some really interesting mixed mocktails and cocktails using cascara.

Thanks for sharing your feedback, Dan.