Swiss Water Decaf Guatemala Primavera SHB EP

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  • Country: Guatemala

    Region: Tucurú, Alta Verapaz, Cobán

    Farm: Finca Pachilha

    Varieties: Various

    Processing: Washed 

    Grade: SHB EP

    Marks: 04-7633

    SCA Cupping Score: 82.25

  • Peanut and dark chocolate on the fragrance and aroma, flavors of milk chocolate, floral (chamomile), nutty aftertaste, medium body and a mellow citrus acidity.

  • Roasting Swiss Water Decaf can be a little tricky. The appearance of the green coffee is significantly darker than conventional coffee so roasting by sight can be a bit tricky. Make sure to look at the internal bean color and taste your roast to verify your roast level. Furthermore, moisture contents of these decafs are typically lower than conventional caffeinated coffees so the roasting process tends to go much faster. Watch out for coffees roasting too fast! 

About the coffee:

Swiss Water believes that coffee drinkers deserve a choice in how their coffee is decaffeinated. The proprietary Swiss Water® Process gently removes caffeine using only water containing the soluble solids that naturally occur in green coffee—and never introduces chemical solvent residuals. The result is a high-quality process that preserves the unique origin flavors, taste, and characteristics of the coffee. Swiss Water is able to deliver consistent, high-quality decaf through optimization of critical control factors including variable temperature management, flow rates, and advanced drying protocols. And when it comes to selection, Swiss Water is able to meet the diverse needs of its clientele with a broad range of coffee offerings from origins around the world. Swiss Water also offers a variety of tolling services for small or large batches.

Swiss Water preserves the sustainability of your coffee supply chain by maintaining certifications (Organic, Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance, UTZ, 4C, Kosher, and Halal), and is the only decaffeination company focused exclusively on a chemical-free process. Most decaffeinated coffee is processed using chemical solvents such as methylene chloride or ethyl acetate (aka “Sugarcane Process”). These processes can impart chemical residues that alter the taste of coffee and are ultimately consumed into the body, even if only in small amounts. Swiss Water believes consumers have the right to choose a decaf option entirely free of added chemical residues, “naturally derived” or not, and should have access to amazing decaf with a flavor true to the original coffee.

Consumers are demanding to know more about where the products they consume are sourced and processed—and make their purchasing decisions based on this information. The Swiss Water® Process is 100% free from added chemical residuals, and 85% of water usage is returned clean to the community supply water, with the remaining 15% being consumed through coffee hydration. 

The result is amazing coffee without caffeine that everyone can feel good about choosing.

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Bonnie Butler

Very Smooth!