Each 20kg bag from Hacea Coffee Source is lined with a zipper closure GrainPro liner. We break down our larger 60-70kg sacks of green coffee at our Anaheim warehouse before shipping out to you.

The 20kg bag is a great option for roasters who are looking to grow their coffee business without diving into the larger quantities of full sacks. Short of ordering full bags of green coffee, pricing per kilo for the 20kg bag is the most economical.

The environmentally friendly burlap material is recyclable, reusable and biodegradable. Each bag is American-Made and strong enough to handle any shipping before arriving and getting moved around your roastery.

Each 20kg bag is lined with a GrainPro liner. These liners use a proprietary hermetic barrier to create a gas-tight and water resistant seal. A two-track zipper closure with a zipper slider allows the bag to be re-sealed, keeping your green coffee as fresh as possible. GrainPro liners are very durable and can be reused.

Check out our green coffee offerings to purchase your favorite coffees in 500 grams, 2 kilograms or 20 kilograms.

Looking for larger quantities? Contact us for pricing and availability on full bags.