Little Owl Coffee x Hacea Roaster Spotlight



Ethiopia Gigesa

from Little Owl Coffee

    • 10oz/283g


      Whole Bean

    • Peach O’s, Bergamot, Oolong tea

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Hacea brings the hard work of the producers and roasters to the front. We started this monthly spotlight to bring attention to some incredible work by our roasting partners.
Learn more about Little Owl Coffee from Corey:

Little Owl Coffee was established in 2013 in lower downtown Denver. 

There weren't a ton of roasters at the time in Denver, and I had access to a roaster that allowed me to experiment with smaller batches. That paved a way for me to take on a roasting operation that was manageable and fun.

The biggest challenge for us has been connecting the dots from consumer to producer. We try to tell the stories of the people we work with, and try to make a meaningful impact on everyone we come into contact with down the chain. It's definitely become a bigger talking point within the company, but always a challenge.

The most exciting thing about roasting are the continued relationships with our importers and producers every season. Sharing their hard work, and doing our best to represent that in our cafes. Over time you get to see the growth, quality, and friendships compound. It's cool to see coffees change through the seasons, and people get stoked when they recognize a coffee or producer from a previous harvest.

We're just trying our best to represent everyone. From the people that grown the coffee, the customer who comes in to spend their hard earned money on us, and our baristas who facilitate a welcoming a fun environment share it all with. <3


Many thanks to Corey from Little Owl Coffee for the opportunity to be part of their wonderful coffee journey!

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