Colombia Quindío Campo Hermoso Edwin Noreña Wush Wush Natural

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  • Country: Colombia

    Region: Armenia, Quindío

    Farm: Campo Hermoso

    4° 34' 44.9447" N 75° 39' 55.4425" W

    Farmer/Grower: Edwin Noreña

    Varieties: Wush Wush

    Processing: 16 hour anaerobic natural

    Grade: Product of Colombia

    Altitude: 1580 m.a.s.l.

    Humidity: 10.30%

    Density: 1.15 g/ml

    Harvest Date: April, 2023

    Arrival Date: September, 2023

    Marks: 003-0068-0843

    Reference ID: HA-2166-03

    SCA Cupping Score: 87.00

  • Fragrance of strawberry, watermelon aroma, intense flavors of cherry and milk chocolate with blueberry and raspberry noted in the aftertaste. Medium citrus acidity with a heavy body and syrupy mouthfeel.
  • This Wush Wush coffee roasts similar to some of the Colombian gesha coffees that we have offered. We recommend keeping the roast light to light-medium to maintain the intense berry and melon notes. The acidity is mild and will not be overly bright even at light roasts, while the body is heavy across light to dark roasts.

This Wush Wush classic natural from Edwin Noreña at Finca Campo Hermoso was rinsed and floated after picking. The clean cherries were added to a drum for an initial anaerobic fermentation for 16 hours before being removed and dried on raised beds for about 20 days until the moisture reached 10.5%.

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