July 24, 2023


The Bonavita 8 cup brewer is SCA Certified to meet SCA Gold Cup standards. The brewer does an excellent job at evenly extracting the coffee with excellent heating to maintain proper hot water temperature, a wide shower head and a programmable bloom.

To toggle on the bloom program, simply hold the power button in the on position for 5 seconds until the red light flashes twice. The bloom program will reset back to off after unplugging the machine.  

Quick reference

Coffee Dose: 70 grams
Grind Size: 800 micron (setting 23 to 25 on the Baratza Encore grinder)
Water Dose: 1300 milliliters (1.3 L)
Water Temp: Automatic. Start with room temperature. 
Brew Time: 6:00 to 6:30 minutes 
Brew Mass: 1000 grams
Target TDS: 1.20-1.30%

Notes: Adjust the dose of coffee to taste

Set up and brewing instructions

  1. Remove the filter basket
  2. Add paper filter to filter basket (8-12 cup Melitta filter)
  3. Fill brewer reservoir with 1300 milliliters (1.3 liter) water at room temperature
  4. Weigh out 70 grams of whole bean coffee
  5. Grind coffee just before brewing. Shimmy grind for best tasting results
  6. Add coffee grounds to paper filter
  7. Gently tab side of filter basket to even out coffee grounds
  8. Place filter basket on top of decanter
  9. Replace decanter on the brewer, under the shower head
  10. Confirm that the bloom function is toggled on
  11. Turn brewing switch ON (red light on switch will illuminate)
  12. Allow coffee to completely drain from filter basket
  13. Remove filter basket
  14. Discard spent coffee grounds and rinse filter basket
  15. Put lid on decanter
  16. Serve fresh and enjoy!

Brewing tools

Here is complete list of tools and equipment that we use during each brew:

  • Bonavita 8-cup
  • Melitta 8-12 cup paper filter
  • Pre-mixed brewing water with Third Wave Water
  • Scale
  • Coffee grinder

Please connect with us if you feel that we missed something here or if you have additional questions.