July 27, 2023


The Hario V60 is a versatile brewer that can bring out many nuances in the coffee. The recipe can be changed depending on the coffee and preference, including adding pulses while pouring. V60 makes a clean cup with great clarity and is a classic representation of what pour-over coffee can taste like.  

Quick reference

Coffee Dose: 20 grams
Grind Size: 450 to 550 micron (setting 12 to 14 on the Baratza Encore grinder)
Water Dose: 320 milliliters
Water Temp: 205°F
Brew Time: 3:00 to 3:30 minutes 
Brew Mass: 280 grams
Target TDS: 1.20-1.30%

NotesAdjust recipe to taste.

Set up and brewing instructions

  1. Fill kettle with approximately 500 milliliters and bring to 205°
  2. Weigh out whole bean coffee
  3. Grind coffee just before brewing.Shimmy grind for best tasting results
  4. Fold over the creased portion of the filter and insert into the V60 cone
  5. Rinse the paper filter and pre-heat the brewer by pouring some hot water
  6. Discard the rinse water from decanter or mug
  7. Pour ground coffee into rinsed filter
  8. Gently tap the side of the brewer to even out the settled coffee grounds
  9. Tare scale to zero
  10. Begin pouring water at 205° and start the timer
  11. Bloom the coffee by pouring 50 milliliters of water on top of grounds, ensuring all of the coffee grounds are saturated with water
  12. Allow coffee to bloom for 30 to 45 seconds, depending on freshness
  13. Resume pouring water in a spiral motion, ensuring all coffee grounds are evenly brewed. Avoid pouring down sides of filter as this can cause clogging
  14. Pour a total of 320 milliliters of water
  15. Brew time should be 3:00 to 3:30 minutes
  16. Discard spent coffee grounds and rinse brewer
  17. Serve fresh and enjoy!

Brewing tools

Here is complete list of tools and equipment that we use during each brew:

Please connect with us if you feel that we missed something here or if you have additional questions.