July 29, 2023


The AeroPress coffee maker has established itself as a standard brewing method for professional and home baristas alike! The full immersion brewing results in a more cupping-like profile that can present a coffee's profile in a transparent and consistently repeatable way. 

Combine with Fellow's Prismo attachment for a no-mess brew that can also be used to make a delicious and highly concentrated espresso-like brew! You can view our recipe for this espresso beverage on our recipes blog.

Quick reference

Coffee Dose: 20 grams
Grind Size: 400 to 450 micron (setting 11 to 13 on the Baratza Encore grinder)
Water Dose: 225 milliliters
Water Temp: 205°F
Brew Time: 3:30 minutes plus an additional 0:30 to press the coffee
Brew Mass: 195 grams
Target TDS: 1.60%

Notes: Dilute with additional 30-40 ml of hot water to taste to yield a final cup of approximately ~235ml at roughly 1.30% TDS. Diluting is optional based on your preference.

Adjust recipe to taste.

Set up and brewing instructions

  1. Fill kettle with water and bring to 205°F
  2. Weigh out 20 grams of whole bean coffee
  3. Grind coffee just before brewing
  4. Assemble Fellow Prismo attachment with an AeroPress paper filter on top of Prismo mesh filter
  5. Attach Prismo pressure valve to AeroPress
  6. Pour a small amount of hot water into the AeroPress to rinse the filter and preheat the brewer. Discard the rinse water
  7. Place AeroPress on the scale
  8. Pour ground coffee into the Aeropress after rinsing. Gently tap the side of the aeropress to level out the settled coffee grounds
  9. Tare scale to zero
  10. Begin pouring water at  205°F and start a timer for 3:30 minutes
  11. Pour 100 milliliters of water on top of coffee grounds and then stir vigorously
  12. Pour the remaining 125 milliliters of water ensuring to fully saturate all coffee grounds 
  13. Gently stir after finished pouring to ensure all coffee grounds are wet
  14. After the 3:30 timer is complete, gently swirl the brewer to agitate the grounds before pressing.
  15. Slowly press the plunger down for 0:30 seconds until a “hiss” of air is heard.
  16. Optional. Add 30-40ml of hot water to dilute to change the concentration to your preference
  17. Discard spent coffee grounds and rinse brewer
  18. Adjust to taste
  19. Serve fresh and enjoy!

Brewing tools

Here is complete list of tools and equipment that we use during each brew:

Please connect with us if you feel that we missed something here or if you have additional questions.