Brazil Minas Gerais Luzia Natural


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  • Country: Brazil

    Region: Minas Gerais

    Co-op: Cocatrel

    Farmer/Grower: Nearly 7,000 Coffee Growers!

    Varieties: Various (Mundo Novo, Yellow catuai, Topazio, Acaia)

    Processing: Natural

    Altitude: 950-1120 m.a.s.l.

    Humidity: 10.8%

    Density: 1.10 g/ml

    Harvest Date: September, 2022

    Arrival Date: January, 2023

    Grade: NY2 17/18 SSFC

    SCA Cupping Score: 83.25

  • Brown sugar fragrance, nutty and pear aroma, milk chocolate, hazelnut, nougat, caramel, very mild acidity, creamy body, clean and sweet aftertaste of dulce de leche, well balanced.
  • Like many natural processed Brazilian coffee, low and slow is our preferred approach with Luzia. The coffee tastes best when sweetness and body are accentuated by a longer roast with higher end temperatures. We find a solid medium roast to be the perfect fit for this coffee, although we have been enjoying it’s clean and sweet aftertaste on light cupping roasts. Excellent for espresso or adding into blends.

Customer Reviews

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A phenomenal cup of coffee. This bean is everything I think if when it comes to espresso. Great from light to dark roast levels. Heavy and creamy body very delicious.

It is essential

I'm a recent first-time purchaser from Hacea after seeing the clearly well-deserved support from Black City Coffee Roaster.

I picked up a few items, including this coffee. If there were a platonic form for coffee, it would be this one.

I'm completely blown away. It's deep, complex, and undoubtedly chocolatey. It actually matches the description listed on the site (whoever does the tasting is right on). I also picked up some peach when the brew had cooled significantly.

Thank you for the experience,

Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us, Jordan!

Glad you are enjoying this coffee from Brazil and that our tasting notes are lining up for you. I have not caught a peach note in this coffee before, but I will certainly keep an eye out for it during our next tasting.

- Jared

Jesse Torres

Brazil Minas Gerais Luzia Natural

Lil Baggins Coffee Roasters
Bold and delicious

Roasted this one Dark. Result was a smooth bold cup with rich chocolate and hazelnut notes. Tastes great as a cold brew as well as espresso.

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback! Glad this coffee is working well for you. We also love those sweet and nutty notes in cold brew and espresso blends.

Josh Moody
Tastes great!

This coffee is serving us great as a nice medium dark classic profile. And it’s wonderful for cold brew! I’m getting a light first crack on a slow roast, making great rich deep flavors.

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback, Josh! Glad you are pulling that deep sweetness out of this coffee.