Cupping Spoons

  • What cupping lab or roastery is complete without cupping spoons?

    Being the primary tool of a coffee taster, we wanted something practical and effective, and these cupping spoons did not disappoint. They feel great in the hand with their solid yet lightweight stainless steel construction. Easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

    • The same spoons we use in our tasting room. 
    • Custom etched with the Hacea logo mark in the bowl and "hacea" text on the handle. 
    • A smaller yet deep bowl that enables a perfect slurp to get a full pallet experience. 
    • Lightweight ~38 grams 

    To learn more about the Specialty Coffee Association’s standards, check out their protocols and best practices page here.

    Visit our education page if you would like to learn more about cupping!

  • Material:  Food grade stainless steel 

    Product Dimensions:  Total length: 165 mm, bowl width: 49 mm, handle length: 115 mm

    Dishwasher Safe