Roaster Seasoning Green Coffee


These beans are intended for seasoning a new drum roaster only! They are not meant to be consumed. 

Our seasoning green coffee is a mix of all of our left over sample material that we receive from farms, exporters, mills, etc. You might find an award winning gesha mixed in with some experimental robusta. Whatever coffees are in the mix, they will do the job of breaking in your new roasting drum by "seasoning" the metals with coffee oils. 

It is typically recommended to roast 4 to 5 full batches of coffee up to very dark roast levels to encourage oils to leave the beans and coat your drum. Do not consume these beans after roasting! We recommend adding your roasted seasoning coffee to your home compost or coffee-loving plants.

Customer Reviews

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Kevin Pulst
New Roaster Seasoning

Just bought a new roaster and needed seasoning beans. I found Hacea online and ordered the seasoning beans and a few other beans for roasting. The service and shipping were awesome. I will be buying more beans from them.

Thanks, Kevin! Appreciate you sharing your experience. Looking forward to sending you more tasty coffees.

Daniel Rutherford
Roaster seasoning greens

Great service, seasoning greens worked just like they should

Happy roasting, Daniel!

Joshua Klingerman
Good practice

It worked as advertised. These are great for seasoning your roaster and for practicing.

Happy roasting, Joshua!