June 14, 2024

Ethiopia Container 02 - Expected arrival to Port of Los Angeles August 2024

Cupping scores represent preship sample evaluation by Hacea's team of certified Q graders.  For additional information regarding pricing, purchases, or samples reach out to your sales representative or email connect@haceacoffee.com

  • Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Aricha Adorsi G1 Washed
    • A juicy washed coffee with lactic acidity and a light-medium body.  Notes of lavender, lemon, lime, vanilla and honey sweetness.  Accented with rose tea florals.  
    • SCA cupping score 86.75
    • 160 x 60kg bags available. 
  • Ethiopia Guji Shakiso Gigesa G1 Natural
    • A creamy bodied natural coffee with complex blood orange citric and green grape malic acidity.  Notes of cherry, red currant, vanilla and honey sweetness.  Accented with rose tea florals.  
    • SCA cupping score 86.75
    • 120 x 60kg bags available. 
  • Ethiopia Sidama Ayla Bombe G1 Washed
    •  A juicy medium bodied coffee with complex lactic, citric, and malic acidity.  Notes of floral jasmine, vanilla, apricot, bright lemon, lime, pineapple, pomegranate, oolong tea, and a sugarcane sweetness.
    • SCA cupping score 87.75
    • 60 x 60kg bags 

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